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  Posted: 13.01.21 at 10:58 by Joe Macey

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Our local list is a free register of businesses in the Falmouth area.

We have lots of businesses on our site - but we want to sign even more businesses up for free advertising and promotion!

How can I sign up?

Click the link HERE and press the lack 'nub it' button.

Finally fill in your details and submit them to us - it could not be quicker.

We will then publish your business on our local list and a free ad is on the way.

Why should I sign up?

You'll be forever published and advertised on our website which is read by thousands of Falmouth residents each week.

PLUS we will regularly feature you in articles, we like to think of your local listing as a working partnership!

Have something you want us to report on? Just ask!

Here at Nub News, we are DEDICATED to supporting local business in every way we can.

So get involved!

See the latest news on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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