“This is not a holiday”: Falmouth police share photo of sunbathers despite government self-isolation orders

  Posted: 26.03.20 at 17:52 by Kurt Robson

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Falmouth police have shared a photo of sunbathers on Gyllyngvase Beach today, urging residents that the coronavirus pandemic is ‘not a holiday’.

A statement on the Falmouth and Helston police Facebook page began with a thank you:

“The Neighbourhood Team have been out on foot patrol all day today and patrols will continue into the evening.

“A huge THANK YOU to the vast majority of you adhering to the Government advice."

Although the police say there is still some not adhering to responsible self-isolation, saying:

“Unfortunately there are still people outgoing against advice and we are STILL having to disperse people.

Credit: Falmouth and Helston Police

“People out sunbathing on the beach, people meeting up to socialize, people going to the park for a picnic, children meeting up to play.

“This is not OK. This is not a holiday. Please take notice of Government advice and stop putting other people at risk.

“Only travel where it is essential.”

This comes following a more positive outlook earlier today after a patrol around nearby villages, where they reportedly saw a ‘major improvement’.

Falmouth and Helston police have written a thank you on social media after seeing a limited number of people on the streets during their patrols today...