Coronavirus: Falmouth and Helston police thank communities for staying indoors

  Posted: 26.03.20 at 13:48 by Kurt Robson

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Falmouth and Helston police have written a thank you on social media after seeing a limited number of people on the streets during their patrols today.

The Facebook post read:

“We have visited lots of the villages this morning. Can we convey our gratitude to you all.

“Barely anyone in sight and if there were, they had a valid reason. It makes our job easier and will ultimately save lives. Thank you!”

This is following their patrol yesterday which was not as positive, they wrote:

“We were out on patrol yesterday. Most people were in their houses or gardens.

"Some were still making unnecessary trips and hanging round in groups. These were dispersed.

“It is up to all of us to do the best we can to limit the spread of Covid 19.”

A comment on the Facebook post today said:

“Can you come around Falmouth around dracaena. There are loads of cars and people walking past.”

Another comment stated:

“I agree, keep seeing children playing basketball there in big groups!”

Read the latest guidelines on Coronavirus here.

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