The Space Falmouth: New owner of local gym - a safe and social space with something for everybody

  Posted: 13.09.21 at 09:00 by Joseph Macey

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There are some new faces at a local gym in town, The Space now occupies the gym at Falmouth Sports Club after taking over in March this year, and is finding its feet as covid restrictions are lifted.

Taking the reins from the previous owners is Josh Kanagaraj, who sensed an opportunity to put his own stamp on things as the owners felt the sharp end of the coronavirus pandemic.

Josh comes in with fresh ideas, wanting to create a strong sense of community and get the buzz back into fitness after people have been stuck inside for so long.

After a slow start, August has been the best month for Josh and the business.

Nub News met up with Josh to look around the new gym on Western Terrace and chat about what the last 6 months have been like, he said:

“This was called the New Era Gym before, but they found the whole covid period really hard so they were going to sell all of the equipment and rent out the studio.

The Space, Falmouth.

“I was a member of the gym and I teach Capoeria which is a Brazilian martial art/dance, a business I have had for ten years. I was initially just interested in the studio and to make that into a base.

“When I found out they were selling all the equipment I saw it as a perfect opportunity, a great location and something for students.”

The gym is quite small in size but it has everything a person would need, a weights room, cardio room, classes in the studio. As well as Capoeria The Space offers pilates, belly dancing, yoga, burlesque, and many more.

“When I got into this I wanted to create something for everybody, create a really close community,” he commented.

Speaking on his background in the gym industry, Josh always took an interest in health, exercise and nutrition, trying out various activities from a young age. This all gave him a base layer of knowledge to go solo and open the gym.

The studio space.

Prior to opening The Space, Josh held a successful studio in Mount Hawke, and after seeking new opportunities he decided to make the move over.

Josh continued:

“I really want to create a community where people feel welcomed into fitness and they don’t feel intimidated, I want them to feel safe.

“What sets us apart is the different variety of people we have coming in here, we have mums, we have elderly people using the gym, we offer a junior package for our cardio room, we have off peak memberships for parents, discounts for NHS workers. Gym for everybody.

“I really think this is a turning point now after covid, I want people to feel that they can step outside, our place is clean and well ventilated, people sanitise in and out of the gym. I want people to feel comfortable and let people know it is okay to come back into the gym/studios.

Josh performing some capoeira.

“I know people have anxiety of going out to places and having to meet people again but I think it is up to us to set a really good example, for people’s mental wellbeing it is important to step outside and see your friends again and do classes and workout again.

“The pandemic was a really tough time financially, there were points where I thought I might have to give it all up and do another day job, but I tried to stay positive and luckily people around me were there for support.

“I feel like I am still continuing doing something I love, this is my passion, it happens to be something I do for a living but I would do it for free if I could.

“My whole idea is to get people into movement and fitness, whilst making it engaging and social. It is so easy now to work from home and become a bit of a recluse, but getting out and doing a class you’ve never done before is a challenge but it is a rewarding challenge, and people can do that here.”

Overall, I have been a gym goer before but never stuck to it as it can be quite an intimidating place but this is really different, Josh has created a safe, inclusive, social space, with exciting plans for the future.

Inside the cardio room.

Fancy joining? You can get in touch with Josh and The Space via [email protected], or by calling 07590698930.

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