Saga continues over parking issues on Falmouth terraces

  Posted: 01.03.21 at 19:19 by Joseph Macey

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The saga continues over the parking on Victorian terraces in Falmouth where it has become an "extreme" issue.

Details of the parking issue were shared by Cornwall Councillor for Falmouth Smithick, Jayne Kirkham, who approached Cornwall Council with Cllr Geoffrey Evans to do some work on the feasibility of introducing a Residents' Parking Zone.

There was a previous consultation on residents' parking for the whole of Falmouth in 2016 when residents voted against it.

Recently, the council's transport and parking department did some work on surveying the area and said the following:

"We have done a survey of the parking spaces available on the highway, and calculating it against the numbers of properties in the area, we have seen that there are not enough legal spaces on the road for all the residents.

"The figures are showing that there is only about half a parking space per property (or 1 space for half the properties), so even though we know commuters and students are adding to the pressure, there isn’t enough space to share it out even just for residents.

"With these figures, we do not feel we can put a zone in place when it would mean that residents would be paying for a permit and still have very little guarantee of parking."

"We are looking at alternative solutions"

That was the council's reply to the parking zone - and they will now explore other options.

"Parking has been an ongoing issue in Smithick for years and seems to worsen with time," Jayne Kirkham said.

"Could we provide parking for students at the university? Or residents overnight in local car parks?

"There don't seem to be any easy answers to this problem, but we will pursue all options."

Click here to see more from Jayne Kirkham.

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