Ocean Rebellion target The World one last time as it departs Falmouth

  Posted: 15.09.20 at 10:03 by Kurt Robson

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Yesterday afternoon (14th September 2020), the luxury cruise liner ‘The World’ left Falmouth harbour after being moored there since late March.

The cruise liner has divided the opinion of many residents, some being sad to see the ship go, while some celebrated having their view back.

Ocean Rebellion have remained firmly against The World and regularly targeted the ship to highlight the level of pollution being caused by the shipping industry.

A spokesperson for Ocean Rebellion said: “Even a vessel using so-called low sulphur marine fuel like the world has a devastating environmental impact.

The Ocean Rebellion activists sailed out as the ship began its departure. They read a message over radios to show The world’s impact on the environment.

The message read: "Because the sea is rising we will rise. Because the coral is fading we will fight. As the seas are mined we will mobilise.

Robin Markland Photography

"While the oceans are plundered we will protest. Protect our waters like you protect your children."

The activists told The World to ‘sort their ship out’.

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