Breaking away from the family business: The young man delivering fresh seafood to Falmouth

  Posted: 31.07.20 at 12:58 by Kurt Robson

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“I have learnt my trade in becoming a fishmonger working in Mylor Fish Shop for the past ten years,” Paddy Vinnicombe, 25, told Nub News.

Coming from his family business, Vinnicombe Seafood aims to provide freshly caught seafood produce straight to residents' doorsteps all across Cornwall.

Selling Mussels, Haddock, Scallops, Dover Sole and much more - Paddy aims to supply locals and tourists in towns, villages and holiday parks.

The business sells fresh locally sourced seafood mainly caught off Paddy’s family’s two fishing boats - the Lily-Grace, named after Paddy’s oldest niece, and the Debbie V, named after his mother.

Paddy Vinnicombe spoke to Nub News about his inspiration for the business: “I watched my parents supply many locals with a delivery service, wearing appropriate PPE to ensure safety among those most vulnerable in the county.

“Seeing the impact this had on the local community and with high demands, I decided I would create a sister business – at first this was taking over some of their delivery areas.

“Now, I want to ensure areas other than Mylor could be provided with fresh fish where they may not have fishmongers immediately available for them.”

Paddy has been blown away at Cornwall’s response to his business and the many different communities that have welcomed it with open arms.

“It’s been fantastic to have all this early support from the local communities and I am very humbled by this response,” Paddy added.

The business has big goals, Paddy hopes that he will eventually be able to operate a local fishmongers pop-up van serving seasonal and fresh produce caught from his families fleet.

Paddy continued: “Also, I plan that the business can grow to a size where I could supply our amazing catch to big cities, while still supplying the local areas.”

You can find out more about Vinnicombe Seafood here.

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