UP CLOSE Falmouth: Co-op Store Manager Glynn Wilkinson

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First, we chat to Glynn Wilkinson, store manager for Falmouth’s Boslowick Co-op.

Glynn started his role at the store last year with a get-up-and-go attitude, helping to make a difference and supporting the local community in challenging times.

As manager, Glynn is responsible for the overall operation of the store, planning, organising, directing and coordinating.

Before the Co-op, Glynn was originally an accountant and has worked in other retail companies but found that the Co-op “really makes a difference” when it comes to supporting organisations which require support and funding. A natural fit for him.

Every Co-op store supports three Local Community Fund local causes. The money is raised through membership and members choose which one to support – all are local to the store.

Glynn told Nub News:

“I live in Penryn, and when you look at it, we can actually make a massive difference to the community we live in and support the people who need it most. You just can’t do that with the big limited companies. I can see for myself the difference the contribution from the Co-op makes.”

The Boslowick Co-op supports three important local causes in the area:

• The Dracaena Centre
• Love Falmouth
• Kernow Young Carers

This year so far, the store has been able to raise £840 for The Dracaena Centre, £700 for Love Falmouth, and £700 for Kernow Young Carers.

Glynn continued:

“But we do lots of other things as well, as an organisation nationally we are trying to raise money for Mind. In this store alone we have raised around £3,000, with £1,500 being courtesy of the events we have done in store.”

Store member Stanley Box is also doing a sponsored parachute jump for Mind - he has raised over £1,500 so far.

Glynn added:

"We are always wanting to do things for our local causes. When we closed because of an attempted break-in we gave all our fresh food to The Dracaena Centre and The Salvation Army, which totalled to around £15,000. We support The Dracaena Centre with food donations every day, it’s great to give something back to the community."

The Coronavirus has been one of, if not, the most challenging times for everyone in retail, how has the store been working during the pandemic? Glynn said:

“During Covid we have made sure we look after each other. This has been one of the most challenging periods for retail since the war period, but we have come out the other side. We are still looking after each other with social distancing, masks, sanitising – keeping the store open and available to the community.”

What does Glynn enjoy most about the role?

“There is one constant in retail and that is change, so whatever you do today is not what you will be doing tomorrow. That is what I enjoy the most, the role changes all the time but you are always making a difference to your community.”

Co-op membership helps support your local community, with great rewards for you too. When you buy selected Co-op branded products and services, 2p for every pound spent goes to you and we’ll give the same to local communities.

Join us today online at www.coop.co.uk/membership or in-store.

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