The time Falmouth Nub News helped find a missing chicken called Babs

  Posted: 29.06.20 at 17:34 by Kurt Robson

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Falmouth Nub News has reached 2000 likes on Facebook and in just eight months surpassed 300,000 page views on our articles.

We want to thank all of the readers, sharers and contributors who have helped us get to this point.

Over our existence, we’ve broken countless local exclusives, supported local businesses and told important stories from real local people.

We wanted to take a trip down memory lane to when we’d just started out as a news website and brought the community together with one single goal.


Back in December, when Falmouth Nub News was less than three months old, we wrote a story about a missing chicken called Babs.

Babs the bantam chicken, owned by Falmouth resident Dolly Makin, had unfortunately been blown away by strong winds and was separated from her chicken friends; Fanny and Aunt Priscilla.

Several sightings on social media had spotted a chicken running around in the early hours, but those who witnessed couldn’t confirm or deny if it was Babs.

Working closely with owner Dolly, we wanted to put out as much coverage as possible to get the town looking out for the missing bantam.

Through a developed hashtag ‘#FindBabs’, photos started to come through on social media of different possible sightings.

Our personal favourite was a photo of a pigeon, from someone who obviously didn’t understand the context of the hashtag.

At 3pm that afternoon, however, a genuine sighting came through under the #FindBabs hashtag, she was spotted on a high balcony ledge along Windsor Terrace.

Students who lived in the house were able to rescue her and she was consequently returned home to Aunt Priscilla and Fanny.

The reaction from the community was nothing short of ecstatic, and it was amazing to be able to have been part of finding Babs.

This story, although comical, proved to us at Falmouth Nub News that we were reporting in a community who cares - and that’s been continued to be proven countless times since.

Thank you all again,

Kurt and Joe

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