Princess Pavilion: Falmouth Town Council approach to takeover site and gardens

  Posted: 13.10.20 at 09:53 by Joe Macey

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In the latest update from Princess Pavilion, it was confirmed this morning that an approach has been made by Falmouth Town Council to take control of the site.

The news comes after a group called 'Friends of the Princess Pavilion' put forward a proposal recently for the community to take over the management of the Pavilion.

If all agreed, the group will work alongside Falmouth Town Council to create a business plan.

Mark Williams, Falmouth Town Clerk told Nub News:

"Falmouth Town Council has asked Cornwall Council to transfer the site and gardens.

"If they agree we will create a business plan, with the Friends Group, to operate the site."

The plan is in very early stages and nothing is decided as of yet.

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