Games Room Falmouth backs anti drink spiking campaign

  Posted: 20.10.21 at 15:01 by Joseph Macey

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A local Falmouth pub has voiced its support for an anti-drink spiking campaign following a series of incidents across the country.

The Games Room, based on Market Street, said in a statement today (20th) they hope anyone considering spiking in the venue will "think again", and, "customer safety and welfare within Falmouth remain the priority."

According to The Night Time Industry Association (NTIA), they say there has been a rise in drink-spiking throughout the UK over recent weeks.

Most recently, incidents have been reported in Leeds, Nottinghamshire, Edinburgh, and Cardiff.

A spokesperson for The Games Room said:

"Our bar staff will be on hand to help any customer who may think their drink has been spiked and will be able to test on the spot.

The bar at Games Room Falmouth.

"If the drink is found to contain a dangerous substance, the customer will be taken to a safe place and the police will be called who will then secure further samples and evidence to help combat this issue.

"It is hoped that by providing these tests, drink spiking can be reduced or prevented. It could also reduce the risk of related incidents such as road traffic collisions due to impaired judgement.

"Often people do not report spiking because they do not remember the details, or they feel embarrassed. If anyone is concerned their drink has been spiked, they can approach staff for help."

The Games Room continued to say although they have not had an issue with drink spiking. They have the tools to deal with customer concerns onsite "quickly and effectively".

The spokesperson for the venue added:

A poster for the police's spike aware campaign.

"Hopefully, anyone considering spiking drinks in our venue will think again when they realise that we can test drinks and people for signs of spiking. We will act quickly to work with the police in the event of any incidences of drink spiking.

"This campaign will include posters and stickers that can be strategically placed in bars and clubs to warn that the venue is Spike Aware. We encourage anyone who has concerns to contact bar staff."

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