Falmouth & Penryn residents, councillors and environmental groups meet to debate the future of transport in local area

  Posted: 15.10.20 at 16:52 by Joseph Macey

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Falmouth and Penryn residents and councillors met with local environmental groups and Cornwall Council Transport representative to debate the future of transport in the local area.

Greenpeace Falmouth and Penryn Local Group hosted an online event to discuss the improvements needed to local transport and the role that investing in zero-carbon public transport, walking and cycling has to play in a Green Recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The online event took place on Wednesday 14th October and was attended by around 30 people including members of Truro Cycling Campaign, Truro Loops Project, Falmouth and Penryn Community Network Links, local environmental groups, residents, and Labour party councillor for Penryn, Jo Garret. Main speakers included Richard Lancaster representing Greenpeace UK, Dean Evans of Falmouth and Penryn Cycling Campaign, and Rebecca Lyle – Principal Transport Officer at Cornwall Council.

The hour and a half event saw discussions on the up-and-coming plans for reducing traffic and carbon emissions by improving sustainable transport in the area.

This included the pedestrianisation and development of cycle commuter routes in key areas around Falmouth and Penryn, improvements to public transport routes and services, ensuring the inclusivity of cycling and walking projects for all abilities, and a discussion on the challenges to overcome in order to make these changes.

The event concluded with an open Q and A session from the attendees.

Jenna Lane of Greenpeace Falmouth and Penryn said:

"We held this event to call on the UK Government to invest £10 billion more every year to transform public transport, walking and cycling and re-direct the £27 billion they’ve committed to new road building.

"Here in Falmouth and Penryn, we need cheaper, more reliable public transport to work locations in other Cornish towns, more defined and safer cycle routes, and ultimately – less traffic."

Rebecca Lyle, Principal Transport Officer for Cornwall Council who spoke at the online event talked about the plans currently being drafted to improve transport in the area, including schemes for Bickland Water Road, Market Street Penryn, and Dracena Avenue/A39.

She informed the attendees, "Falmouth and Penryn have been prioritised as one of two-cycle demonstration towns in Cornwall."

Lyle went into further detail highlighting Cornwall’s current two-year Local Transport Plan Implementation Programme which will see £8.765 million allocated to pedestrian and cycling improvements, bus and rail improvements, and grants for local travel schemes.

The debate also highlighted the importance of these schemes to gain support from people who are not already cyclists or don’t feel confident riding a bike and how getting the “why” message across to the community may prove a further challenge.

Rebecca Lyle commented, "key to the success of these schemes is that we have local support - town councillor’s support is critical."

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