Extinction Rebellion hold protest on Gyllyngvase Beach

  Posted: 30.06.20 at 13:00 by Kurt Robson

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On Thursday 26th June, Extinction Rebellion Falmouth and Penryn gathered at Gyllyngvase Beach to draw attention to the newly released UK Govt Climate Change Committee’s annual report.

The report, which has for years argued the government must avoid a rise in global temperatures of more than 2ºC, now states that they must prepare for a global temperature rise of 4ºC.

The action on the beach, named Inaction = Death, was an organised silent display - many were dressed with signs and XR logos.

One sign read: “Bail out the planet, not the polluters.”

Mat Osmond, one of the local coordinators for Extinction Rebellion and lecturer at Falmouth University, spoke to Nub News on his and XR’s concerns for the world’s future.

Image: Robin Markland

Mat said:

“As we were standing on Gylly Beach last Thursday the air temperature was somewhere in the mid-twenties. Earlier the same week, the Siberian Arctic recorded another of the staggering heat waves that have been affecting that region, this time hitting a new record temperature of 38º C.

“For context, Miami has only hit 38º once since records began. These are temperatures that Climate Science’s worst-case scenarios have warned we might be seeing 80 years from now.

“The unravelling of the global climate is accelerating at a terrifying rate, and what do we see happening in response to this crisis? What we see is the UK Govt pouring billions upon billions of pounds into a carbon rebound as it struggles to get the faltering fossil fuel economy back on its feet as soon as possible.”

Similar actions like the protest at Gylly took place in other towns across Cornwall, including outside Environment Secretary George Eustice’s Camborne office.

Image: Robin Markland

“These are not the views of a bunch of wild-eyed extremists,” Mat continued.

“This news is coming from the heart of the scientific establishment. This is happening right now, and what we do next represents our last chance to make any difference at all to just how bad this situation gets.”

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