Coronavirus: Source FM supporting the community with collection of audio messages

  Posted: 27.03.20 at 10:43 by Joseph Macey

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Falmouth community radio station Source FM has launched 'Source Connect', a space where audio can be recorded by members of the community, the recordings will be shared on various different shows.

Chiara Muzzi, Station Development Manager at Source FM, told Nub News:

"The idea of this is that the community can connect with us and share their experiences of being at home and what they are doing, what advice do they have for anyone else, thoughts of the day.

"Their voices will be used in a variety of ways, depending how much we get back some of the recordings will be used in other programs. We might use an hour of just peoples voices, it really depends on the response, it is like having two-way communication.

"It is really important, it is for people to feel that there is a community around them and they are not the only ones being isolated but everyone else around them is going through the same things. You can be alone but you don't have to be lonely."

You can record your messages here.

Source FM posted on the station website:

"Press the record button to begin your recording, and stop to finish. Listen back with the Play button. When you are happy fill in your name and email details and click submit to send your recording to the Source FM. Files are limited to 5 minutes or 5 MB."

Alternatively, you can email your audio to [email protected]

Source FM also suggested ideas for your recordings:

"What are good resources to help people who are self-isolating?Messages to people you know. Ways of keeping your mental health strong. Any musicians/poets etc who would like to contribute performances to keep the community's strength up. Send messages of support and hope to others during this stressful time."

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