Falmouth and Penryn Boxing Club are looking for a new gym

  Posted: 30.07.20 at 09:39 by Kurt Robson

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Falmouth and Penryn Boxing Club have moved out of their former gym following a rent increase and their fundraising events being cancelled due to the coronavirus.

In an emotional statement to their members, FAPBC described how they would no longer be able to return for sessions in their Penryn home.

Brian, coach of the club, told Nub News: “We are absolutely gutted and shocked at the situation but it definitely won’t be the end of us. Hopefully, we won’t be homeless long."

The club runs solely on donations from their members so having no fundraising events has completely stopped their income.

On top of the planned rent increase and lack of funding, social distancing measures have been a real issue for the Club.

The current gym in Penryn was not large enough to hold sessions that would be safe for everyone.

“We all realised boxing would be one of the last sports to return back to normal,” the statement continued.

“Therefore, our numbers would have to be reduced dramatically to offer non-contact training. If our numbers were reduced, which they would, the subs would not cover our rent.

“Along with our lack of income, we were to face an imminent increase in rent."

The Club has made the sad decision to leave their Penryn location but they say they are still actively looking for a new space.

“We are still an active club, unfortunately, with no home,” they said.

Falmouth and Penryn Boxing Club are looking for a suitable commercial property that would be available to rent from October, or any gym space.

Get in touch on their Twitter if you think you can help.

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