Common Threads - an exhibition from Rowan Bridgwood

The Fish Factory, Commercial Road, Penryn, TR10 8AG
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Common Threads

Rowan Bridgwood’s work weaves together personal memory, mythology and literary fragments to visualise the female experience; women’s bodies, experiences and their unseen efforts of everyday making. The medium of embroidery lends itself well to this.

The domestic ‘women’s work’ of needle and thread that for years were many women’s only creative outlet now allows her to explore women’s marginalised histories and personal stories.

This collection of embroidered art uses traditional techniques to create contemporary imagery that both honours and subverts the medium. Rowan stitches inherited threads onto cotton cut from bedsheets to explore ideas of relationships and domesticity, expectation and aspiration.

Rowan’s hand embroidery explores the nature of our inner worlds, it’s quiet and contemplative method reflecting the quiet and often silenced voices within us. Embroidery becomes a language, a way to make a lasting mark, in the way words cannot.

The continued mark making on domestic textiles binds together the past and present narratives of both fabric and the women who use them. In her work, Rowan seeks to simultaneously celebrate and subvert these materials in order to explore the concept of femininity that such textiles helped construct.
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About the Artist

Rowan Bridgwood is an artist specialising in hand embroidery, based in Greater Manchester.

Rowan began creating embroideries in late 2018 as a means of creative expression and a mindful, screen-less occupation to combat anxiety. She is self-taught and continually seeks to learn and experiment with her work.

This is Rowan’s first solo exhibition. She is an emerging artist and has exhibited at numerous group shows, including the Brexit-Fest exhibition at The Fish Factory in 2019.

Rowan co-runs MCR Sew Social, a monthly gathering of artists and makers who work with textiles in Manchester. The group’s focus is to provide a friendly, welcoming space for makers with an emphasis on promoting stitched art and craft as a mindful tool to maintain and improve well-being. The group meets monthly in central Manchester.

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