Group of teenagers continue to wreak havoc in Falmouth targeting local corner shop

  Posted: 13.01.22 at 13:14 by Joseph Macey

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A Falmouth corner shop has been experiencing a lot of trouble with a group of youths, police were told this week.

The issue was brought forward at a Falmouth Town Council meeting this week with the group reportedly "wreaking havoc" around the town.

At the meeting on Monday (10th), PC Matt Cummins was quizzed on the issues currently happening in the town.

Councillor Spargo revealed the people working in the Corner Shop on Berkeley Vale were having ongoing problems with kids at the shop.

He said:

"The lady at The Corner Shop has had a lot of trouble with a bunch of five kids - with the oldest being about 15 years old.

"They have also had a go at one of the residents across the road. They seem suspiciously like the same group who are wandering around wreaking havoc. My concern is these incidents are not being reported to the same people. If all these are put together it becomes a bigger problem than the individual investigators realise."

Deputy Mayor Kirstie Edwards also commented on a group of 12-15-year-olds "roaming around" doing things that were "not particularly great".

PC Cummins was then invited to join a project with the Deputy Mayor working alongside a small team to open up communication with the age groups by going into Falmouth School.

He added:

"The problems started at Boscawen Fields and the beach in the late summer. Our presence might have done it but I think the weather dispersed them."

Councillor Edwards said the group moved to Discovery Quay before the back of Tesco had become a meeting place for a little while.

"It is something we will look at as a full Council, but the skatepark will hopefully help give a place for these kids to actually go, hang out, and a place they have ownership of. It is close to the Dracaena Centre with its youth sports services. It might help to have some more opportunities for people to be involved on," she added.

PC Cummins also revealed that groups had been travelling from elsewhere to Falmouth. Stating they were working with train branch lines and bus stops to solve that problem.

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