Family run indoor jungle cafe opens in Falmouth

  Posted: 13.01.22 at 16:47 by Joseph Macey

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A unique new business has sprouted in Falmouth following the opening of a coffee house jungle.

Run by brother and sister duo Hugo and Pixie, "Planted" situated on Church Street offers fresh tasting food, good coffee, and sea views amongst a host of plants running through the building.

Hugo was previously in the urban farming business in London building growing/herb systems for restaurants and businesses, whilst Pixie has a background in hospitality.

The pair decided to fuse those two things together to create Planted - opening for the first time last week.

The idea was born in lockdown which gave them the time to plan and brainstorm ideas. They did all the building work themselves, taking around 4 months to get it ready for opening.

The cafe offers a range of healthy homemade baked goods, dishes of the day, with a breakfast/brunch menu to follow soon. All made with locally sourced ingredients.

Inside Planted, which offers homemade, locally sourced food.

The food is mostly vegan but can be adapted to accommodate people who eat meat. There is no label on the cafe with Hugo and Pixie keen to open the cafe to everybody.

They told Nub News:

"Hugo came up with the idea of the cafe but the style like this was both of us. During lockdown, we had a lot of time to think, plan, and come up with all the weird stuff. If we rushed into it, it might not have come out as nice as this. The idea was just to have plants everywhere.

"I wasn't even living in Cornwall at the time but Hugo rang me and suggested we should do a cafe - now we are doing it. It is crazy."

Unfortunately, the plants aren't for sale at the moment but the microgreens that Hugo is growing will be used in the cooking. In the near future, the greens will be put into punnets and sold to local businesses or individuals in Falmouth.

A unique experience to drink your next coffee surrounded by plants.

Hugo commented:

"This way of growing means there is zero packaging, zero waste, no herbicides or pesticides, an eco way of growing. The water is just cycling round and round which means you use around 20 times less water.

"We try to be as close to plastic-free as possible. Our cups are from Husk Cup who use eco packaging. All our takeaway packaging is 100% recyclable. We get all our coffee from Foundation Coffee Roasters who use compostable packaging. Any suppliers and products we use, we have tried to get completely plastic/waste-free.

"We are trying to get everything locally. That is why we are trying to grow things because then it is the most local."

On the style, Hugo and Pixie added:

Take in the sea views at Planted, Falmouth.

"The place is relaxed, healthy, plant orientated. We just want people to enjoy looking around whilst being comfortable in a social space."

Planted is open Wednesday-Sunday 9am-4pm.

Click here to see more from Planted.

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