Falmouth: New community cafe and radio studios will be created in Kimberley Park Lodge revitalisation

  Posted: 14.01.22 at 13:09 by Joseph Macey

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Falmouth could be getting a new community hub as plans are presented for the revitalisation of Kimberley Park Lodge.

The applicant, Falmouth Town Council, wants to create a communal hub in the park to use as a radio station and cafe. The lodge will also have training facilities for young people.

Kimberley Park is situated in the centre of Falmouth within the Falmouth Conservation Area and any works are to be carried out with materials and design to be appropriate and befitting of the area's style and flair of the park.

The designs have been a collaboration of Henrietta Boex (Falmouth Art Gallery/Princess Pavilion), Simon Neild (Source FM), and Michael Hormann (Hormann Architects).

An extract from the design statement reads:

"The revival of the Kimberley Lodge is supposed to create a communal hub in the park. It is supposed to contribute to the park, making it even more attractive for visitors. This is meant to be seen in conjunction with the recently completed bandstand.

The plans for the revival of Kimberley Park Lodge. Picture sourced from Cornwall Council's planning page.

"The use of the lodge as a cafe and radio station will make this area more frequently used, and therefore, provide more safety and control.

"The proposal will add a new sustainbility built attraction to Kimberley Park in an elegant way, reopening Kimberley Park Lodge to the public again."

The lodge was extended in recent years for a residential living space but is currently only used for storage. The sheds located behind the lodge are also used for storage.

The current status of the application is "awaiting decision".

Click here to see the plans for yourself.

The plans for the revival of Kimberley Park Lodge. Picture sourced from Cornwall Council's planning page.

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