Easter Sunday shark sighting for Falmouth's AK Wildlife Cruises

  Posted: 06.04.21 at 18:08 by Joseph Macey

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On Easter Sunday, AK Wildlife Cruises' Free Spirit headed out for the first exploration of the bay - sharing images of a basking shark, the first of the year.

They were lucky enough to see various species including several porpoises, seals and over 20 different bird species, as well as the shark.

A spokesperson for AK Wildlife Cruises said:

"As we headed east around the coast, we sighted a group of approximately 20 grey seals, some hauled out on a secluded beach, whilst others were playing around between the waves and rocks. A flock of sandwich terns was also spotted as well as a great northern diver and a Slavonian grebe.

"And not long after, the unmistakable fin of a basking shark emerged, before amazingly swimming alongside the boat for us all to see."

As the team headed back they managed to pick up harbour porpoises, including a small calf, and checked on peregrine falcons and fulmars at their nesting sites.

Credit: AK Wildlife Cruises.

"Sadly, we did spot a few floating pieces of rubbish including a large plastic sheet and big block of polystyrene which luckily we were able to grab and pull out before they met with any of our lovely wildlife," they added.

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